It's not often a High School football coach suspends his entire team but that's exactly what head coach Matt Labrum of Union High in Utah did and you'll thank him for it.

We all know boys will be boys but I think we all would agree that our children of today's world are much different with all the digital distractions.  I think on a whole, kids are more disrespectful, lazy and self-centered and so does coach Labrum apparently.

Head Coach Matt Labrum of Union High, located in Roosevelt Utah, had seen enough and canned his entire team for several things including lack of character. disrespecting teachers and most recently, cyber-bullying a fellow student.  He didn't like the path his boys were on and wanted to send a message, so he did.

It was after last Friday's loss that Labrum told the kids how disappointed he was in how the boys were carrying themselves, not only during the lossm but in general and asked them all to turn in their jersey's before they left the locker room. Anyone who wanted to earn their way back on the team were called to a 7 AM meeting the following day and told what they had to do.

Now, instead of practice, they are doing community service and working on homework and building character.

When it comes to "coaching" you Sir, are doing it right!  I salute you for building character in those young men and teaching something other than football.