I am pretty sure that I wrote an article yesterday morning reminding everyone that there was a snowstorm coming, and to get everything they needed to prepare. One of the items on the list was an ice scraper. Let's just say that not everyone decided too heed my advise, namely myself. So, when you have ice on your windshield and no ice scraper, what do you do? Try these handy dandy items you probably have sitting around the house...


This is usually only good for a thin sheet of ice, but if you are running really late it can come in handy because most likely there is one already in your car. Just make sure you remove the paper, because when that gets wet, your favorite picture of Justin Bieber will be ruined!


If you have a good old plastic pancake flipper, just turn that thing around, and you are set! I might recommend you do NOT use the old metal version that your great-grandmother handed down to you. Ice can be removed from windshields, scratches can't. You may also want to wash that thing before putting it back into service in the kitchen. that spot of bird poop that has suddenly disappeared from the windshield could now be a part of dinner!


You thought the only other use for a credit card outside of causing you hundreds of dollars in debt was to pick a lock. Not anymore! This may take some skill, and you may also want to insure you have gloves, but as a last resort, cha-ching!


If you have a lot of extra time to rummage through the whole house to find an extension cord, and a blow dryer you have it made. Wait... In the amount of time that just took you, couldn't you have just turned the defrost on?


Hopefully you have a plastic putty knife. If not you can lightly chip at the ice with a flat head screwdriver, but beware of scratches. You can also use rubbing alcohol if it's available. Unlike water you can use alcohol because it has a much lower freezing temperature than water.


Ok, so I don't know if this really works or not, but if you are in a bind give it a try. Just make sure the neighbors are still inside, and that it's not too cold. Try explaining to whoever has to help you remove the extra think layer of ice why it's yellow!

Best of luck ;) What unique item have you used? Let us know in the comments below!