It is going to another scorcher today. We are expecting a high near 100 today. When the temps get that hot it is important that we make sure we are doing all we can to help us and our animals from overheating. Luckily I have perfected the art of remaining stationary and in front of an AC vent but others may need some more tips.

Hitting the public pool, lake or horse trough is always a good way to cool down. A neighborhood water balloon fight is a fun way to cool off as well and get the kids tired too. I have been known to throw a wet shirt in the freezer on hot days like today. I can promise you that you will cool down in hurry when you tug that baby on. I do keep a mist bottle outside with me on hot days like this too. It is an easy way to keep little cooler.

One of the best things to do on a hot afternoon is to hit the theater for an air conditioned afternoon movie. Walking around the mall on a hot day is good idea too. It is also important to make sure you are using sunscreen on you and kiddos in this heat too. I find if I am out of sunscreen that pudding has a nice cooling effect on the skin as well. I use a nice Hunts Snack Pack Chocolate SPF 30. In all seriousness, my wife and I have become big fans of the Dairy

Queen Arctic Rush for a guaranteed cool down. It is little pellets of ice with either Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape or Strawberry-Kiwi flavoring. They are delicious and under $2 for a large. A great value and a tasty brain freeze all in one. Good luck with the heat and remember to keep the animals watered and in from the heat if possible