I know I am not the only one who has a bad relationship with to-go boxes. I would say that when I get one of these boxes I actually get to eat what is in it 32% of the time. 45% of the time I will leave the box on the table and then remember that I left it there when I get home. 20% of the time I will take the box with me then put it in the back seat and go home. I will get in the car to go home from work to smell of spoiled meat and realized I left it in the backseat all day in the sun. 3% of the time I will get the box home and put it in the fridge only to find that another family member decided it looked tasty enough to eat. The best "to-go" box user I know is Susan's husband Dr. Bob. Bob will bring his own box with him when he goes out to eat. He doesn't have to wait on anyone to bring him what he needs. He brings his own. It is another version of BYOB. I have decided that since I know lots of people like me forget the box on the table, I am going to start going into restaurants and saying I left my box on my table and see what they bring me. I am guessing I will have up to 4 boxes to choose from at any time. Woo hoo...free food!

Do you ever leave your box on the table?