Your bed is suppose to be a place of comfort and safety, but what you don't see could be keeping you up at night and making you sick! I change my bed sheets probably every other week, as Dave Jensen says, if they need it or not. I have always been curious how others treat this household chore. I decided to be a bed sheet sleuth and went around the office asking my co-workers how often they changed their bed sheets. It is funny to see their reactions as they look at me and say, after giving me their answer, is that bad? I found it funny how many people had similar looks on their faces and how one, who will remain unnamed, really had to think about the chore and when the last time it was done. Here are the results from my unofficial office survey, where do you fit in this line up?

If you don't change your sheets often enough you are inviting bacteria to snuggle with you.


  • While you sleep you sweat leaving behind body oils, hair and skin cells to gather in your sheets and pillow cases, and you've created a buffet of goodies for bed bugs; up to a fifth of an ounce in one week. (enough to make a bed bug a big fat couch potato)
  • Dust mites won't actually eat on you but will leave feces in your bed (Yum)
  • The debris left behind from these critters will make you sneeze, wheeze and feel yucky in general.
  • If you wake up scratching and sneezing that should tell you that your bed is too dirty, symptoms of this can be seen in as little as two weeks.
  • Cleaning your bed sheets every 7 days is the best way to protect yourself.


  • Most bacteria and microscopic bugs need a high heat temperature to assure their extermination.
  • Your Sheets should be washed and dried in temperatures of at least 140 degrees
  • If you have luxury sheets that are likely to fall apart in these temperatures, wash them at 77 degrees and then steam them with a hand steamer until they are dry
  • If you line dry your sheets, be sure to iron them afterwards
  • Bleach, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the best sanitizers

I am not sure about you, but I have this crazy desire right now to go change my sheets! :) Now be honest, take the poll and tell me how often you REALLY change the sheets.