My family and I broke down and bought an i Pad the other day. We have had fun playing games on it and learning all the cool things you can do. We checked out the App Store and downloaded a virtual aquarium. It is very realistic and kind of addicting to stare at it and feed the fish virtual food. The fish is virtual orange parrothead fish. We keep him fed and play with him and keep his virtual tank clean.

The strange thing about this is that I actually have 2 REAL orange parrothead fish in my aquarium in my bedroom. They haven't gotten nearly as much attention as the fake fish. These guys have somewhat dirty water and aren't fed as often as they would like. Why am I am more intrigued by the fake one than the real ones? Why will we play Madden with our kids but are reluctant to go outside and throw the ball to them? We need to spend more time in the real world with real living breathing creatures and less time in our computer generated  world. I am heading home today and telling my fish that I am sorry for my behavior.