Why do projects never go as smoothly they should? Whenever there is a task to do we try to visualize it and create a list of everything we are going to need to get it done. We then go the home improvement store to get everything we need go home and slap it all together and we are done....yeah right! It never works that way.

This weekend we had our friends Bob and Wendy come over and help us put in a sink. We made our list went to the store getting everything we needed including one of those delicious brats they sell on the way out of the store. We ate on the tailgate in the parking lot, like any good rednecks would do, and then went home to tackle the project. About a half an hour later Bob and I were back at the store picking up the items we forgot. We decided not to eat another brat but did say hi to the meat vendor who we purchased from just a short time ago. We then went home to finish the task now having all we needed to complete the job.

Brian Gary, TSM

A few minutes later we were on our way back to the store for the 3rd time to get the piece we were sure we had purchased the last time we went. This time we tried to sneak by the hot dog lady so she wouldn't think we were stalking her. We took pictures of what we needed this time so there would be no mistakes. We got home and finished the project in just 7 hours, not bad for a 3 hour project. It was a fun adventure and a great excuse to spend the day with good friends. No matter how prepared I may try to be I can always count on at least one extra trip to the store...and a tasty bratwurst.