I tend to only delve into things that are important to our world. A topic like, how many dates should you go on before you break wind in front of them? I recently read a survey that said that 80% of women will go a full month before letting a man see them without makeup. I wonder if they go that long before tooting. Holding a butt belch can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. It seems the harder you try to hold it in the more it sneaks out.

There are many methods to deal with this. You can say you have to stop and go to the bathroom and go let er rip and hope it doesn't follow you back into the vehicle like some kind of smell tail. I remember one girl I was dating who obviously was holding in a fluffer. She coughed and tried to cover up the noise. The noise wasn't the problem it was the smell. I thought she had bad breath because it smelled like Egg McMuffins every time she coughed. I say just jump in the vehicle and let one go. He will be thrilled that you like him enough to be that comfortable with him or he may say "hey slow down girl, I am not ready for that kind of commitment yet." The family that can fart together can love together. How long did it take you to blast one at your mate?