Monday night's Bronco game is one a lot of us Bronco fans have been waiting for. Our orange and blue warriors will be taking on Brock Osweiler and his Houston Texans and I am hoping for an epic beat-down.

Most of us thought the Broncos would be going into this game with Osweiler wearing a Bronco uniform and leading the Super Bowl champion team that he inherited and helped reach the championship. Brock had other plans and I am glad he did. The Broncos were about to unload a boatload of cash on him that would not have been money well spent.

I am hoping the Broncos beat the Texans so badly that Brock ends up curling up in a ball and crying at midfield. I think the Broncos will absolutely destroy the Texans on Monday and Brock will need several boxes of tissue. How many boxes do you think he will need? Take the poll and be heard.