I am trying to teach my grandson his colors and letters and trying to get him to count as well. He will get one, two, three, seven, thirteen, eight, nine, ten or something of the sort. I am trying to have him use his fingers to count to ten and then you use your toes to count to 20. I think we all learned to count on our fingers and toes.

Brian Gary, TSM

As I was laying in the hospital trying to get over my illness and realizing how much I can count on my wife in tough times I also realized that we have 10 fingers and 10 toes because they also represent the people in your life that you can always count on. I began my life counting on my fingers and toes and fought for my life counting on my loved ones. I realized that there were about 20 people that I can count on no matter what the situation. I have many more who cared and wished me well but there is a small group you trust in all situations. Thank you to all my fingers and toes who have been there for me to count on. Do you have a couple handfuls of people you can count on? Are you a finger or toe to your friends? Be someone your loved ones can count on.