There is something about an English muffin, you might forget how much you like them until you pop one in the toaster or get the most perfectly cooked one with your eggs Benedict and then look out. How do you like your English muffin Greeley, Fort Collins and Loveland?

English Muffin with Butter D Dennison

Obviously from the picture above, yes this is my muffin from this morning, I like my nooks and granny's filled with butter and well toasted, no wimpy pale and limp English muffin for me. And then, I take it to another level.

English Muffin with Cheese D Dennison

Yep, I add a slice of 3 cheese blend cheese and pop it into the microwave for :12 seconds exactly, wrapped in the paper towel to trap in the steam, this assures the cheese is melted and now my well toasted English muffin is nice and warm and perfectly eatable, without cutting the rough of my mouth like well toasted bread/muffins have a tendency to do.

Typically I will add 1 softly scrambled egg to the muffin too, but lately, I've only wanted the muffin and cheese. (I know, not necessarily swim suit weather friendly)

Okay, it's your turn... how do you like your English muffin Greeley, Fort Collins and Loveland????