Technology can certainly help bring us together but can just as easily tear us apart. We use it to keep in touch but can be so wrapped up in it that we forget about those who are right in front of us. I have an idea how you can help make your family happier and it will only take you 10 minutes a day.

So often we, as spouses or children, sit at home and wait for our husband, wife or parent to come home from work, or school or wherever they were, with anxious anticipation. Too often we are greeted by our loved one walking in the house, plopping down on their chair and pulling out their phone to get caught up on all the messages and Facebooking that they missed during work or on the ride home. This is so disheartening to those who have been waiting all day for your time and attention. The ones at home are the ones who deserve our attention the most and they seem to get the least of it.

I propose that from now on when you arrive home that you spend 10 minutes sitting in your car before you go in the house. Take that time to check your email, your Facebook or catch that Pokemon before you go in and see your loved ones. There are few things more disheartening than waiting to see your loved one and having them come in with their face buried in their phone making you feel that everything else is more important than you. This can set the mood for the whole rest of the day. When you walk through the door, be prepared to give yourself and your attention to your family. They deserve you and you deserve them. Get your phone time out of the way before you enter and you will see a huge difference in the mood at home. Your family needs the best of you now. They shouldn't have to wait until you are done posting or watching a cat video. Your family will gladly wait another 10 minutes for you to come in if they are actually getting all of you when you arrive.