In a whirl wind roller coaster ride home sales stall out again leaving some homeowners uneasy.

The roller coaster ride of home sales has really tanked in the last month. Sad news after the market saw a two year high just the month before. The dip, according to housing specialists was the largest in a year.

Analysts say though that the market is still on the rise, showing signs of recovery even with this latest drop.  Some speculate an unusual spring prompted earlier sales for the year, sales that typically come in the spring. Therefore the drop is more like a leveling out verses a time for deep concern.

There is some good news on the horizon; home prices are on the rise across most American cities for the first time in nearly a year. And long term mortgage rates are at the lowest since long term rates began in the 1950's. Rates are currently as low as 3.78 percent for a 30 year home loan.

Economists still say that with the good and the bad in homes sales it will still take many years for the housing market to completely heal.

Home sales in Fort Collins are up 22.6% from the same time period last year; up nearly 11% for the Loveland-Berthoud area and down about 9% for the Greeley-Evans.