Who doesn't love the feeling of Christmas.  Sure, we complain about it from time to time with crowds and the money we spend that we don't have etc. but when it comes right down to it, we LOVE Christmas and this Saturday I will be at Home for the Holidays at their seasonal location in Fort Collins and I won't be afraid to put the Christ back in Christmas and call those "Holiday Trees" what they are really called:  CHRISTMAS TREES!

You know, when we start putting decorated trees up for the 4th of July or Easter then I will call them Holiday trees but until then, I will call them CHRISTMAS TREES!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I would like to personally invite you to join me this Saturday at the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins for the 11am to 1pm live broadcast and grand opening at "Home for the Holidays."

Home for the Holidays is fantastic family owned and operated with a year round store in Estes Park and now they have a new 5000 sq ft "seasonal" home at the Foothills Mall.  This store is truly a winter wonderland and sure to delight Christmas lovers of all ages.

Now here this:  This is the COOLEST thing they are doing this weekend.  In honor of their own son's recent return from Afghanistan, they are going to send YOUR loved one something special.  If you have a Husband, Wife, Daughter or Son that will be stationed overseas during the holidays you can come in with their military address and Home for the Holidays will send them an American Hero ornament and a 1/2 pound of their amazing fudge.  Are you kidding me?  How cool is that and though it won't bring your loved one home for Christmas, it will bring a little home to their Christmas.  So, please stop by this Saturday during the live broadcast with that military address and let Home for the Holidays do something nice for your Husband, Wife, Daughter or Son.

Mrs. Claus will be hosting the Grand opening on Saturday from 11am-4pm serving hot cocoa and sugar cookies so bring the whole family and don't forget your camera.

Hey, have you EVER seen a snowing Christmas tree?  {Woops, I said Christmas tree again}  Home for the Holidays may have the only one but YOU can sign up to win one of your own this weekend. A snowing Christmas tree?  Can't wait to see that bad boy...

Truth be told though, I am hooked on their fudge and you soon will be as well. So come on by this Saturday and sample some for yourself, check out the 6 custom built , lighted and animated Department 56 Village display and much more.

Just don't forget the kids and camera!