We see them on FB everyday.  "Anyone remember what this is? Hit 'like' if you do."  Sadly, yes I do. Everyone of them. Does that make me/us smart of just feel even older than we already feel.  Well, here is my blast from the past.

I know this nifty and dependable gadget is at least 60 years old and most of you reading this are probably from my generation and knew what it was immediately.  Now when I say "this one" I mean that this is my own personal gadget that I have been using since probably 1968?

Yes Mason, I was actually alive "way back in '68"

Charley Barnes, TSM

The difference though is that our kids won't know what it is.  I am guessing age 25 might be the line. The point being that my generation can also identify most of the stuff, if not all of it, from the generation before us.


My/our generation grew up using these tools.  It's all we had and advancements were much slower than they are today.  Most of the stuff we grew up with was stuff that our parents used to.  Like those push rotary mowers...tons of fun there.

But our generation gave way to technology and advancements so fast we literally can't keep up with them.  So our kids had no need for "pencil sharpeners' anymore because they all want the fancy mechanical pencils.  Who need a paper and pencil anymore?

True story:  I ordered a pizza last year from a very well known "high tech" pizza joint and was told they couldn't take my order because their computer system was down. I quickly replied with "we used to use a paper and pencil to take orders and it worked just fine."  She told me that they had to have the system online so that I could pay. I told her I had cash and was ready to order.  "Sorry sir, we can't help you at this time but if you call ba......"

CLICK (...insert dial tone)