Residents of Glacier View have been put on notice.


the latest evacuation order:

The High Park Fire officials are issuing a pre-evacuation alert to residents in the Glacier View area to include the following: from the County Road 68C junction with County Rd 74E, east to the Hewlett Gulch Road and all roadways in that housing district, south to the north side of Hwy 14 and west to the junction with County Road 68C. Residents should be prepared to leave immediately if necessary. -Larimer County Sheriff's Office

thing's to remember:

  • Citizen briefing at 3pm at the Ranch
  • Air Quality is poor, restrict outdoor activities
  • If you know someone with breathing issues see if you can run errands for them
  • There are Coast Guard individuals at blocked off area's for your protection, do not try to get into evacuated area's