The dry weather and wind are not helping firefighters calm the Hewlitt Gulch fire in the Poudre Canyon.

Reports this afternoon from the Denver Channel are saying that the fire continues to burn out of control and is still only 5% contained.

There are no official orders to evacuate but many residents are taking their pets and getting out of the area.

The fire is difficult to fight as its in rough, steep terrain about 20 miles northwest of Fort Collins. According to officials on site the fire is active and heading northeast. Residents that haven't decided to leave yet are packing up boxes to be able to leave at a moments notice. These homes are along hwy 14 between mile markers 110 and 115.

Officials are also considering putting new neighborhoods -- Glacier View and Livermore -- on possible standby to evacuate.

As reported by the Denver Channel, U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman, Jackie Parks, the Hewlitt Gulch fire in the Poudre Canyon was caused by humans near a hiking trail Monday afternoon. As of this morning the fire has burned through 982 acres.