I have written several times lately of my disdain for my cell phone and what I would love to do to it. My fantasies are going to come true. I got a new phone and am going to do all the things to my old one that it deserves. I need your help. What would you love to do to your phone? Tell me in the comments section below and get creative. I am going to take the top ideas and actually film myself doing them to my phone.

Should I run it over with a steamroller? Should I shoot it with a rifle? Should I put it in a tub of soda strapped to a baggie of Mentos? I know I am going to take it behind a woodshed and whip it with a belt. I am thinking of tarring and feathering it and I am thinking of filling one of Todd's cavities with it if he is willing. I will then dig a grave, bury it and dance on the grave. Think about it. How would you like to see a cell phone destroyed? Give me your best and we will make some come true. Here is a video from a young man who had some creative ideas.