I am so happy to have grown up when I did. It seemed like a much simpler and laid back pace. We would gather for dinner as a family, which the world needs more of, and then watch TV together. One of the shows we would always watch was Hee Haw. I cannot imagine growing up without Hee Haw and all those characters. The week was not complete until I saw that red, white and blue guitar of Buck Owens.

Hee Haw was and still is a part of many of our lives. I cannot see a corn field without picturing the goofballs standing up doing bad jokes. Thank you for all the memories and teaching me to love country music and it's artists. We could use a little Hee Haw these days and little more country kindness. Check out the opening from the very first episode that first hit our TV's on this date back in 1969.