Many noticed yesterday how hazy it was.  In fact, I mentioned to a co-worker on a part time job that it looked like another fire had broken out yesterday and today it's much much worse but rest assured there are no new local wildfires burning.

When you think of the Pacific Northwest you think 100 different shades of green with everything always being wet from all the rain but this warm summer is evidence that we here in beautiful Colorado are not the only ones battling mother nature.

The haze/smoke you are now seeing and smelling is mostly from a 432,000-acre fire that is currently on the Nevada-Oregon border, a 171,444-acre wildfire in Montana, a 97,000 acre wildfire in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest.  There is one fire burning as well in Washington and 4 others in Oregon not including the one I just mentioned so a total of 5 for Oregon.

Weather forecasters say we can expect to see this haze through at least Wednesday.