Susan Moore, TSM

The horse/livestock community in Colorado is rallying around those who have lost their hay in the floods. In most cases, their entire hay supply has either been washed away or soaked with flood water, ruining it,  and hay prices were painfully high to begin with.   I personally have received great information from friends and from those who are sure to be, telling me where hay is available.

One central agency, Denkai Animal Sanctuary is KEY to getting hay to those who need it.

"While there are three* resources locally that have reached out with hay donations, it is proving to be not enough to meet the need and demand of local small acreage owners and farmers who have lost everything in the recent flooding.
As a result, Denkai has reached out to our national contacts for funding help to purchase needed hay and we are now reaching out to you, our supporters for help through either donations of hay or cash contributions that will go toward the purchase of hay.
Our concern is that we will see a rise in the number of animals dropped off at sale because owners have to cull herds due to the loss and we want to prevent that if at all possible."
Three Local Hay Sources *
If you or anyone you know needs hay due to the flooding, visit a family offering their farm as a distribution point at: 9265 County Road 24, Fort Lupton, Colo. 80621. They will give a 3 day supply to those in need and hopefully arrange for a long term hay bank where hay can be purchased at reduced prices.
Diane Hitchcock has hay to give near Lasalle, CO., contact Denkai and they'll put you in touch with her directly:
Whitney Applegate has a resource for hay. She lives near Berthoud.  E-mail Denkai directly and they can pass you on to her:


The price of hay is thru the roof due to years of drought in Colorado and much of our hay has gone to other states still in drought.  Also, with all the new dairies in our area, they purchase much of the hay. CHEESE is big!

These organizations really need DONATIONS.

50 to 70 horses in Estes Park need temporary homes.  Flooding has shut down everything.