I had written awhile back that I was using my Harley to potty train my grandson. I had told him that if would only go in the toilet and not need a diaper ever anymore that I would take him for a ride. He had gone a long time without an accident so Sunday was our day. He was so excited when I told him it was time to ride. He grabbed his glasses and jumped on in front of me. We were just going around the block in first gear but it was technically a ride. He is getting a little dude helmet so we can venture out further than around the block but a nice "Walmart pony, never get out of first gear" kind of ride was just right for yesterday. We reached a top speed of 12 mph but he was in heaven.

He did not stop smiling all day telling everyone he saw how much fun he had. He was quoted as saying "PaPa, that was so cool. I had so much fun." I was so happy that he reached this milestone of being potty trained and so proud that my bike had a hand in paving the way. They should change their slogan to "Ride Free When You Learn To Pee". Maybe if I take Todd for a ride it will help him with his bathroom issues.