The 2014 X Games in Aspen have come and gone and I am still wondering who thinks motorcycle ice racing might not be "extreme" enough for the games.?

Harley Davidson has launched it's first new platform in 13 years with the new Street 750 which will be available here in 2014.  So to make a splash, HD jumped on as a sponsor for this years X Games in Aspen.  As a sponsor, they went all out to promote the new Street 750.

X Games let Harley put on an exhibition, of sorts, on motorcycle ice racing.  X Games officials said it would be up to fans (via Twitter) to decide if it was extreme enough to add as an event to the X Games.  Pardon me?  Extreme enough?

Like a half pipe is more dangerous or extreme than getting run over by a machine with screws and spikes peering out of the tires?  Has anyone ever seen an ice racing wreck? It's the most extreme Winter sport I can think of.  Extreme enough? half pipers couldn't even fathom the 'extremity' for this sport.

I think I'm, here's to Motorcycle Ice Racing for the 2015 Winter X Games.