For many Valentine's Day is nothing to celebrate. It can bring back memories of love gone wrong or loneliness or other less than pleasant feelings. You can get sick of hearing everyone talk about their sweethearts and what they got. Let's face it, this day can just plain suck for some.This doesn't have to be a day about love but rather about celebrating what you love.

I say make it a day of celebrating YOU and all that is awesome about you. Treat yourself today. Be your own Valentine. Tell yourself you are special and treat yourself that way because believe are special and you matter in this world. Spread some smiles and buy yourself an extra large coffee drink, buy yourself your favorite dessert, watch your favorite movie, do something that makes you feel good today and pamper yourself. You deserve it. Flowers die and chocolates get eaten but finding a way to make yourself happy will help you for the rest of your life. You Rule!!! Let your light shine today.