Halloween brings out the creepy in everyone, for your creepy side, here are the scariest places in Fort Collins, past and present.

Halloween Haunting in Fort Collins Getty Images


  • The Strauss Cabin: it said that old man Strauss held onto life as waters rushed his property. In 1904 he clung to a fence all night while flood waters beat against him, some say he tried to yell for help, but by the time anyone came it was too late. Was it Strauss himself that haunted the area or the many that had died before him? No one will ever know and in 1999 some teenagers, aware of the haunting stories, burned the cabin down. The cabin had stood strong since the 1800's
  • Student Services Building, CSU: the architect, who was not in his right mind, was said to be plotting his wife's murder at the time of the building design. He was said to have thought he could bury her in the concrete. Eugene Groves was institutionalized before the building or potential murder came to be.
  • Fort Collins Museum of Art: once the town cemetery its bound to be haunted, right? Supposedly, when the Post Office was built on the land in 1912 the bodies were to be moved. The fact that remains have been found in the past, it is questionable if that ever happened.

Haunted rumors about many Fort Collins places continue through the years and include a hotel off of I-25, a graveyard and a farm.