I have never been much of a believer in the extraterrestrial, most likely because I have never seen anything to make me question it. That is until tonight while driving home around 9PM and looking into the sky to the south. 

I had just gotten done eating burritos at my dad’s house, and I was headed home. Driving to the south on 23rd Ave. in Greeley, I saw what looked like a giant firework exploding in the night sky. It started way up high and continued to fall much like a firework would on the Fourth of July. The whole thing lasted about 15 seconds until the bright green light made it so low it exited my range of sight. Because I had just eaten, I thought maybe my dad had used some rancid beef in his burritos, and I was seeing things. I told my grandma about the light, but kept my mouth shut otherwise, because I didn't want people to think I am any crazier than they already do.

Then I was watching the news before bed and they mentioned that others to the south of Greeley had seen the same bright green light... My excitement level climbed, and I immediately decided I had to figure out what I saw. Here is what 9 News is saying about the whole thing...


Do you think they are correct or was the whole thing something more?