Even as our legislators continue to wade through the complicated laws pertaining to legal
marijuana in Colorado, new situations continue to pop up.  For example, former U.S. Navy Corpsman Jeremy Usher came home  from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 with post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to a gunshot wound to his head. The Greeley Tribune says he used alcohol to ease his symptoms and has racked up 3 DUIs, putting him on parole in Weld and Larimer  Counties. He is now in violation of his parole by using marijuana medicinally.  Usher was a medic in the service, when he suffered a gun shot to his head. Pot is helping ease the trauma to his head and the symptoms of PTSD. District Attorney Ken Buck didn’t comment specifically on Jeremy’s case but said that anyone who violates probation by using marijuana has to face consequences.