Scary news out of Evans today. The Greeley Tribune is reporting that 49th Street from 47th Ave to 65th Ave in Evans is closed because of a grass fire that is threatening structures. They say some residents in area have been evacuated and those trying to check on their homes are being turned away by authorities.

Several fire departments are on the scene to try and get the blaze under control.

These were two tweets from the Greeley Tribune, posted around 11:30 and 12:30 respectively:

BREAKING: 49th St. west of 47th Ave. closed to traffic due to poor visibility from grassfire. Structures threatened. Stay tuned for more.


49th Street from 47th Ave to 65th Ave in Evans is closed from grassfire. Several fire departments on scene.

Following the fire on social media it looked as though the fire had been taken under control, but flared up up again, these were tweeted by CBS 4.

Evans grass fire, thought to be under control, has taken off. Evacuations within a mile radius (1:44PM)


#Evans fire evacuations are within a mile of the intersection of Dos Rios and Lago Drive, NW side of town.(1:46PM)

It's scary stuff when a grass fire threatens structures and prompts evacuations. Best of luck to firefighters fighting the flames and the 95-degree heat.

***UPDATE*** 4:41PM

Hooray, the fire is under control, no one was hurt, and no structures were damaged!