For those of you who will be following my Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride, bookmark this page for the video feed and GPS tracker.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there will be no live video feed as planned due to several issues, but video will be taken along the way and the GPS tracker can be viewed anytime on this page.

Charley's Back Patch and Iron Butt Patches

Most everyone on this page knows what this page is all about, but for those of you who don't, this page will be used to track a 10,000 mile motorcycle ride I am doing from June 4 to June 14; 10 days, 10,000 miles. I'm doing the ride to raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado to help send some veterans to Washington D.C. to see their memorials this coming fall. The ride is being sponsored, by those just like you, for a $1 per mile for my goal of $10,000 to send 10 veterans.

The ride is a monster ride by anyone's definition, but I am making it even more difficult by throwing in the Border to Border run (Canada to Mexico in 24 hours) and that will be followed by the Coast to Coast run (San Diego to Jacksonville in 48 hours).

The ride will officially leave from the Weld County Veterans Memorial in Greeley on Wednesday, 4 June at 0800 and will return to Greeley, 240 hours later, on 14 June - Flag Day. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to escort the ride out of town (as far as you want) and/or to escort the ride home from somewhere between Green Bay, WI and home.

  • Leg 1  Weld County Veterans Memorial to Sweet Grass, MT 858.2 Miles
  • Leg 2  Canadian Border to Mexico Border (Border to Border) 1446.2 Miles
  • Leg 3  San Diego, CA to Junction, TX (CC50) 1168.4 Miles
  • Leg 4  Junction, TX to Jacksonville, FL (CC50) 1176.3 Miles
  • Leg 5  Jacksonville, FL to Florence, SC (Via Miami/Tampa) 965.8 Miles
  • Leg 6  Florence, SC to Portland, ME 938.4 Miles
  • Leg 7  Portland, ME to Hagerstown, MD (Via Bangor ME) 998.5 Miles
  • Leg 8  Hagerstown, MD to Green Bay, WI (Via Lexington KY) 1116.0 Miles
  • Leg 9  Green Bay, WI to Greeley, CO 1153.3 Miles

If you want to see pictures and daily updates please visit, like and bookmark the official Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride Facebook by clicking here. The GPS tracker is directly below. You may need to refresh this page from time to time. It shows my current location, as well as my tracks for the past 24 hours.