My friend Todd collects salt and pepper shakers so he's easy to buy for when I'm on vacation. I collect bottle openers, again easy breezy.  But it's fun to see what others bring back from trips that will remind them of the experience.

Starting July 1st, the Global Village Museum in Fort Collins will showcase 'Bring Me Back a Souvenir' featuring over 25 collections from international travelers who live in  Northern Colorado.  From 6-9pm, admission is half-price as part of Fort Collins Gallery Walk.The collections range from aprons and menus to animal figurines and watches. The Museum offers youth activities associated with the displays.

Souvenirs are a reminder of a place, event, or even a person that has special meaning to us. When we travel, we often want to bring something tangible home to help us re-live the feelings we experienced during our visit or to share them with others.

Whether it is through the purchase of folk art, local handicrafts, postcards, or even “oddball” or “kitschy” items from around the globe, souvenirs allow us to make more meaningful connections with the places that we visit.

The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures is dedicated to showcasing international folk art. Exhibits are created to engage and inspire visitors to learn more about world cultures, people, art, and history in order to promote understanding and peace.

The Global Village Museum and Intercultural Resource Center is located at 200 West Mountain Avenue where the Museum’s diverse collections and artifacts are on display in one of four gallery spaces.