Some of the greatest memories of my youth involve sports. I loved playing baseball, football, wrestling and whatever else I could join. It was so much playing games and being with friends. We learn so much from sports that help us in life. Accountability, punctuality, discipline, teamwork and helping others just to name a few. We learn what we can achieve if we all work together and do our part.

I am so excited that my grandson Zander has just joined soccer as his first sport. I can hardly wait to watch all the mighty mites run around chasing a soccer ball. Anyone who has ever had anything to do with youth soccer knows that you basically watch a line of children chasing a ball around the grass until someone accidentally knocks it in the goal or one of the kids sees a butterfly and then it's game over. As parents and grandparents we need to remember to sit and watch and cheer and let the coaches and refs do their jobs. Remember it is about the kids and their fun. They don't really know if they won or lost, they just want to have fun. That is what youth sports is and should be all about. Go Zander! Can't wait to watch you play. Get your kids involved and let them learn the joy of playing a game for themselves.