A parents worst nightmare, a baby formula recall. Here are the facts to keep your family safe.

Gerber has announced that it is recalling a batch of Good Start Gentle Powdered Infant Formula.

The FDA said in a statement: "The product poses no health or safety risk. However, this product might have an off-odor noticeable to some consumers. In some cases spit-up and other gastrointestinal complaints have been reported."

Consumers who purchased the infant formula from batch GXP1684  can contact the Gerber Parents Resource Center at 1-800-487-7763 for a replacement. Gerber is also actively trying to remove the rest of the batch from shelves that have not yet been sold.

The FDA clarified that no other Gerber products are involved in the recall.

The code can be found on the bottom of the container. You will see the expiration date, a ten digit number and the batch number. The batch number begins with three letters: GXP followed by four numbers: 1684. Again, the batch number being recalled is GXP1684.

This is the second infant formula recall in the last six months. Enfamil had a recall in December of 2011. The tainted Enfamil resulted in an infant death. No deaths have been associated with the Gerber recall.