Our 'Strait at 8' every weekday morning plays two back to back George Strait songs, a sweet way to start the workday. While we play new country, our boots have roots...here's my favorite George Strait story and of course there's a horse in it.

When headlining star Eddie Rabbitt came down sick with the flu, George Strait filled in for him at a concert at the Houston Astrodome in 1983. At the time George had his first hit on the radio called “Amarillo by Morning” and was just beginning his climb to superstardom.

When the spotlight came up and the announcer called Strait's name, he had backed a horse all the way up the Astrodome east ramp, then he rode it out at a full gallop. He hit the gate, took it about 30 yards into the arena, asked the horse to rear up in the air while George waved his hat with that beautiful smile.

The crowd would not let him out of the arena,  he went around the arena four or five times, shaking hands. Strait performed without a sound check and stole the show. Absolutely stole the show.

Source: Houston Press