This weekend the grills will be smoking. The smells of barbequed meats and veggies will fill the air. This is the unofficial kickoff to summer and cooking over a flame is the American way to celebrate. There is just something special about grilled meats. I love hot dogs, burgers, ribs, chicken, steak and all the tasty grilled items. I know I can't be the only one who always eats a test wiener while cooking just to make sure the heat is just right for the rest of the family. It is part of the job of Grillmaster.

The big question is what do you cook your meat over? Do you like using your gas grill or cooking over charcoal. I have a gas grill and love the convenience of it but prefer the taste of meat cooked over charcoal. Charcoal to me tastes the best unless you over saturate it with lighter fluid then everything has that awful lighter fluidy taste. Most of us grew up with charcoal as the only option but I think it is safe to say more cook with gas now but I think it's just because it's handy. What do you prefer, gas or charcoal? Please vote here. I have also thrown in a great recipe for some Beer Can Chicken. Have a tasty weekend.