The Galuchie Gulch Fire, northwest of Loveland near Storm Mountain, burned 14 acres last week.  According to the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland, the fire was caused by recreational target shooting that was not in compliance with Forest Service regulations. Yes, a gunshot started a forest fire. We have a video to prove just how easily that could happen.


Because of the extreme fire conditions lately, the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland want all forest visitors  to practice extreme caution.  Here are a few shooting regulations to remember:

  • Only shoot at cardboard/paper targets, manufactured metallic targets, or manufactured thrown-type clay targets. Anything else is illegal.
  • ARP forest users cannot possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage while discharging a firearm.
  • Do not shoot tracer bullets and other incendiary ammunition.
  • Shoot further than 150 yards from a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation area or occupied area.
  • Do not shoot across or on a National Forest System Road or adjacent body of water.
  • Do not shoot in any manner or place where any person or property is exposed to injury or damage as a result of such discharge.
  • Make sure to clean up your targets and always have a safe backstop that can stop a bullet. Do not attach targets on trees, fences, slash piles, log piles or other improvements. Additional recreational shooting information is available online at

I found this video on YouTube that shows just how easy it is to start a fire with a gunshot.  Please don't try this. We can't afford another forest fire.