I have been pretty busy these past few days and the fact that many road around Windsor are still closed, slipped my mind. Don't make my mistake, plan ahead.

The latest to report at the time of this story is that 35th Avenue is now closed from F
Street to O Street in Greeley due to the flooding issue. The only way across, to my knowledge is 59th Ave and Hwy 85.

Many of the roads between 8th St and Hwy 85 and even East of Hwy 85 are impassable.

Hwy 257, 7th St and the Country Road way West of town are all closed so the only way in is Fairgrounds/CR 5 unless you can hit Hwy 392 coming from the East off of Hwy 85 but then Westbound construction on Hwy 392 will divert you around a one-way area.