Who is the Frozen Dead Guy, and when will he be thawed and laid to rest? Not any time soon, apparently.

There had been a feud brewing between the caretaker of Bredo Morstoel's remains and the guy who delivered the dry ice that allows the Dead Guy in Frozen Dead Guy Days to remain, well, frozen. Not sure what the feud was over, but it was significant enough that the consideration of finding a new home for the cryonically frozen corpse had surfaced. Perish the thought!

Frozen Dead Guy Days was about to celebrate it's 13th year of being the festival with the most wacked out and crazy origin of all time. I'm from Pennsylvania, and I always thought Groundhog Day was a little strange. Humans often celebrate people who have passed on, but they very rarely attend the festival. What a shame it would have been for the funky little town of Nederland to lose their most famous dead resident.

Fear not. Grandpa Bredo isn't going anywhere. According to 9News, a concerned Boulder resident with the capability to haul 2,000 pounds of dry ice from Boulder to Nederland is going to save the day.

Grandpa Bredo had himself frozen in hopes of being revived someday. He may be dead, but at least his dream is not.