The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend, protest, hold harmless and save Townsquare Media Inc. the producer of the Front Range Scrapbook & Paper Craft Fair harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss, costs attorney fees and expenses of any nature, which might arise out of any action of failure to act of the Exhibitor or any of its agents, employees, representatives or assignees, including but not limited to claims of damages or loss of property, loss, harm, injury or death to the person or any of the Exhibitors or any of its agents, employees, representatives or assignees.

EXHIBITORS: are encouraged to insure themselves against all loss and claims, and will hold Townsquare Media Inc. harmless from all claims and liabilities whatsoever. Further, the applicant, agent, employee or assignee shall not hold Townsquare Media Inc., the producer of the Front Range Scrapbook & Paper Craft Fair, or the management and employees of Embassy Suites, the location of this event, accountable for or liable in the case of fire, water, earthquake, and other acts of God or any accident or loss therein related.

EXHIBITOR RESPONSIBILITIES: arrangement of merchandise in the assigned booth must be attractive, neat and orderly displayed during all hours of the open fair. EXHIBITOR must protect the facility and property from damage done by the EXHIBITOR, its employees, representatives and agents. Nothing may be tacked, nailed, taped, glued or in any way attached to facility property. Any repair cost incurred to repair such damage will be assumed by the exhibitor. No boxes will be in plain view. No CLEARANCE – WAREHOUSE SALE - %OFF or other signs larger than 12”x12” will be permitted.

PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total booth space cost must be paid upon registration prior to the Event to secure booth(s). The balance must be paid 7 days prior to the event. If you pay be credit card you agree not to dispute the charge against your credit card for the amount listed on the contract. By furnishing the required signature, you are authorizing the charge against your credit card for the requested deposit and balance.

CANCELLATION: Cancellation request must be submitted in writing. No refunds will be made 14 days or less prior to the event. Subletting of booth space will not be permitted without advance notification in writing. Any violation will result in prompt order to vacate and forfeiture of all rental and deposits. Townsquare Media management reserves the right to dispose of unpaid space that is contracted and paid for, but which is not set-up during the event load-in time, within the judgment of the event management. Townsquare Media, Inc. has the right to cancel and Exhibitor contract in the event of any violation of specific rules and regulations, WITHOUT ANY REFUND. Townsquare Media has the right to administer a fee of $40 for all returned checks (plus tax if applicable will be added to each returned check.) Returned checks and service charges may be electronically submitted. Enforced by Colorado law.

LOAD IN/LOAD OUT: Instructions will be provided upon registration and must be strictly adhered to.

INSURANCE: Exhibitors must carry and maintain insurance during the period of the Fair in which he/she exhibits, including load-in/load-out times are his/her sole expense.

SALES TAX: Wherever applicable, sales tax must be collected on items sold. Seller must have valid licenses prior to the Fair and for all payment of all applicable taxes and fees. Floor selling or soliciting is prohibited except from Exhibitor booths. Any violator not renting a booth will be ordered to vacate the premises immediately as within the judgment of the Front Range Scrapbook & Paper Craft Fair management under the production of Townsquare Media, Inc.

EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION: All Exhibitor employees, agents and other authorized representatives must register, obtain and wear Exhibitor credentials.

FLAMMABLE MATERIALS: No combustible decorations or drape materials shall be used. All materials must be flame-proof. As directed by the fire ordinance in all states. Exhibitor hereby agrees to accept full responsibility and full compliance with national, state and local regulations in the provisions and maintenance of adequate safety devices and conditions of operation.

PROHIBITED:  Balloons, use of spray paint and music.

ARRANGEMENTS OF EXHIBITS: Must be confined within the perimeter of the assigned booth space. Personnel will not work the aisles. Backdrops must not exceed 8 feet without written approval. Booth designs must be such as not to obstruct the view or interfere with the exhibits of others. Exhibit will not extend beyond the foot depth of assigned booth.

ISSUES NOT COVERED HEREIN: Event management shall rule upon all matters or issues not covered herein, regarding questions, disputes or problems which may arise pertaining to issues not specifically covered and/or agreed upon in the foregoing paragraphs of this contract. Such ruling, when made, shall be binding both on the Exhibitor and Front Range Scrapbook & Paper Craft management /Townsquare Media, Inc.

NOISE CONTROL: The use of any sound equipment is prohibited without prior written approval by Townsquare Media, Inc.

SMOKING: is prohibited in the exhibit space and on the premises of Embassy Suites Loveland, at any time.

TEAR DOWN: Exhibitors may not – under any circumstance – begin to dismantle their booths prior to the close of the event.

EXHIBIT STAFFING: All exhibits must be staffed during event hours. If additional badges are needed, please notify Townsquare Media, Inc.

PHOTO RELEASE: With my attendance at this event, I realize that I and/or my product may be included in publicity photos in future promotional materials. I hereby give my consent to the event’s producer’s to use any such photos and/or comments.

RETAIL STORES: Any retail establishment exhibiting is required to promote the Fair by displaying posters and distributing handbills in their establishment.

TRASH REMOVAL: All boxes must be broken down flat and placed in the receptacles provided by Embassy Suites Loveland.