In life, Ashley and Colton were go-getters. They were on a mission to seek out those who had lost their smiles and give them new ones, they were fighters for happiness. And now from the gates of Heaven are reaching out to help yet again.

RMHS Lobo Fundraiser in Honor of Ashley and Colton

Noodles & Company have been strong community supporters since their inception and today they continue as a company to make a difference in the lives of our communities. When they learned of the deaths of our two youngest children they wanted to see how they could help encourage and strengthen the community, especially the kids. Many Rocky students go to Noodles & Company on Horsetooth for lunch and in many conversations with staff, Ashley and Colton have been remembered. (thanks largely in part due to the graciousness of a then employee by the name of Craig)

In an unprecedented effort, Noodles & Company is extending this fundraiser throughout the entire day (lunch and dinner) and all you have to do is mention this event and enjoy really good Noodles, Salads and Sandwiches from around the world (most meals are around $8 and made to order). In turn, Noodles & Company will donate 25% of the daily sales (when you mention the event) to the Rocky Mountain High School Lobo Fund.

Rocky Mountain High School has continued to show our family that they take care of their pack. They have honored our angels and vowed to remember them. And Noodles & Company seem to be saying the same way by stepping up and donating 25% of their daily sales to the RMHS Lobo Fund, that helps kids when money in their families household is a little low and they can't afford, say a cap and gown and to the other extreme, it has not been unheard of that the fund, when monies are available, have helped with a one time housing expense, such as rent.

Whether it's lunch or dinner Thursday from 11a-10p at Noodles & Company on Horsetooth, you'll have a great meal and will be helping our community.

I wish that you could have known Ashley and Colton personally, but maybe, just maybe by continuing to do these acts of kindnesses with great companies like Noodles, you will feel as if you do know them. Thank you for supporting my children and all of the children and families that the RMHS Lobo Fund support.