In this day and age, anything that has a lock should probably be locked. There are crooks all over, and if you leave your stuff available for the taking, they will take it. So, it's no surprise that Fort Collins Police are advising residents to take action after a series of break-ins. 

There have been at least two vehicle break-ins recently at a Fort Collins gym that have prompted the cops to recommend easy ways to avoid being a victim. The brake-ins came at the popular Fort Collins Club, and in at least one of the cases, the doors were locked and the window was broken.

This means that just locking your car may not be good enough. Here are what else the police suggest you do to avoid be robbed:

• Keep garage doors closed, even when home, to keep intruders from gaining access to the interior house door.

• Secure all doors and windows to prevent entry.

• Park in well-lighted areas.

• Don’t leave valuables (GPS devices, phones, computers, purses) in plain sight.

• Contact police immediately if you observe suspicious activity.