So, you get a phone call and the person on the other end of the line says he's with the Fort Collins Lions Club and would you like to donate $5 to sponsor a child's attendance to a performance of Snow White. Don't do it. The Fort Collins Lions Club says someone has been trying to raise money in the group’s name. There is no such promotion through the club. A spokesperson for Fort Collins Lions Club told the Coloradoan they never solicit funds over the phone. Member Tobey Yadon said,

“I don’t know how this person picked the Lions Club, but I want to make sure people understand that most organizations don’t do phone solicitations. This could happen to anybody.”


The Coloradoan has an updated story: Apparently the phone calls were NOT fraudulent, but just being done by a different Lions Club, The Poudre Valley Lion Club.

The club verified that the fundraiser is legitimate and will continue. They’ve spoken with Fort Collins Police Services to remove the original complaint, made by [a] Fort Collins Lions Club member.