The financial news website ‘24/7 Wall Street’ says Fort Collins is the 5th-most content city in the nation. According to an article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Boulder is ranked No. 2 for contentment, and Lincoln, Neb., is No. 1.

As many as 94.1% of Fort Collins respondents said they were satisfied with their city, tied for the highest in the nation. Those surveyed also rated their work environments well, with residents evaluating their workplace fifth best out of the 189 metro areas surveyed. Many people in the area work for Colorado State University, the largest employer in the city of Fort Collins. The area also ranked as one of the nation’s most well-educated. More than 94% of residents earned at least a high school diploma, and 42.8% had at least a bachelor’s degree.

Colorado’s beer industry employs 58,360 people and is ranked above heavy-hitters Missouri and Wisconsin for “states making the most on beer,” according to 24/7 Wall St.


“The beer industry produced $2,850 per resident in the state, more than in any other state by about $660. Moreover, approximately one in every 89 jobs in the state is tied to the beer industry, the highest concentration in the country,” according to the website.