Are you tired of getting junk mail or do you like all of the coupons and magazines and credit card applications you get every day?  I know my wife likes getting the catalogs in the mail, but I would never like to see another piece of junk mail again.  The City of Fort Collins has an answer for guys like me.

To combat unwanted junk mail, the City of Fort Collins has joined forces with communities across the country to debut a zero-waste initiative that will allow consumers to stop unwanted phone books, catalogs, coupons, and credit card solicitations at the source.

The free service, designed by Catalog Choice—a TrustedID company and the nation’s leading mail preference service—will help Fort Collins shed millions of pounds of waste and thousands of dollars in costs, one mailbox at a time. Residents and businesses can sign up for the mail preference program beginning immediately at

Unwanted mailings can either be individually selected for suppression, allowing customers to continue receiving favorite types of advertising, or the opt-out provision can be universally applied to households’ entire junk mailings.