Tonight, March 4, was the big night for the Fort Collins City Council to make a decision about the sale of recreational marijuana. The current ban on it ends on March 31, and going into tonight some members wanted the ban lifted, while others wanted to extend it another two yeas. However, tonight the decision was made to allow the recreational sale of marijuana in Fort Collins after March 31, 2014.

So, there you have it folks.

With a 4-3 vote, the ban on recreational marijuana sales in Fort Collins ends this month and retails sales will begin in the Choice City.

Click here for the city council agendas and voting results.

I'm pretty sure that no matter what decision was made, there is going to be a large number of people upset about it. (The Coloradoan had a live Twitter stream from the council meeting last night and there were definitely some heated opinions flying around from both sides.)

The city's new ordinance will only allow licensed medical marijuana outlets to apply for retail licenses.  There are 11 of those in town now, and two more have pending license applications, according to the Coloradoan

As far as what recreational shop will open first, it sounds like Choice Organics could be the one. This was posted on their website:

It is true that we have received our State license to expand our current operations to include a retail establishment, however, we are currently going through our county application process which is a condition on our State license.

I'm not sure exactly how many other dispensaries are close to getting their city, county and state  licenses approved.

I wonder if Fort Collins dispensaries will experience the kind of craziness that some of the other cities had when they started selling recreational marijuana.

Do you approve of the ban being lifted?