This week is Flood Awareness Week. With flooding happening again in Larimer County, it's a good time to bring up LETA, Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority.

If you live in a flood zone, or near one, you should know about and use LETA, Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority. This is special emergency notification system that could benefit you greatly.

LETA is a system that you sign up for and then it will notify you automatically to any emergency in your area:

  • Flooding
  • Missing endangered child (amber alert)
  • Missing endangered adult
  • Wild fires
  • Police activity that would require you to evacuate or to take shelter
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Severe threatening weather (rotation in clouds, large hail with cloud rotation, tornado warnings)

There is no cost to users and all your information is highly classified and protected. The new LETA system will allow you to enter cell phone numbers, a text device, email address, fax number, or work phone number.You can even add multiple addresses to keep up to date on your home, work and schools.

To read more and get signed up, just click on the big red link below; the life it saves could be your own, your children, spouse, family or friends.