Yesterday it was so cool to watch our own Matt Prater kick an NFL record 64 yard field goal. We have been waiting for that record to fall for years. Tom Dempsey kicked a 63 yarder many decades ago and it had been tied 3 times but no one had ever kicked one longer until yesterday. Well done Matt, we are so proud!

It got me thinking about sports records we will never see broken. I don't think anyone will be 10 straight Stanley Cups like Montreal was or see someone average 50.4 points an NBA game like Wilt Chamberlain did but maybe. I came up with the 5 I think will never even be close to broken.

Here is Matt's record setter

5. Gretzky's 92 goal season

4. Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak

3. Boston Celtics winning 8 straight NBA championships

2. Cal Ripkin playing in 2,632 consecutive games

1. Cy Young's 749 complete games