Seriously, it’s been a tough year for my horses and me. We dealt with Volare’s laminitis, my losing two fingers in a trailering accident, Mak is healing from his hoof being hung up in a panel, and now there’s a virus to worry about called vesicular stomatitis or VS. The virus typically causes painful oral blisters and sores making it difficult to eat and drink.

Four horses on two Weld County properties and a horse in Boulder County have tested positive for VS and are under quarantine.The horses involved have no history of travel. State Veterinarian, Dr. Roehr said that this disease can be painful for animals and costly to their owners.

With the Weld and Larimer County fairs coming up, plus all the summer horse shows, rides, and events, we all need to be vigilant about VS.

While rare, human cases of VS can occur, usually among those who handle infected animals. VS in humans can cause flu-like symptoms and only rarely includes lesions or blisters.

This link from the Colorado Department of Agriculture has  guidelines for Livestock Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions, and Events.