I have learned that someone has put up a Facebook page highlighting local high school and college aged girls. I won't give you the link to the page as I believe it to be a gross oversight by Facebook.


I have gone to the page and the information I received this morning is true, the page does exist and in a very foul manner.

If you have a high school or college aged daughter in Noco, please get involved. Your daughter may be one of the ones being highlighted as an unfavorable girl in Noco. This is a classic case of cyber bullying.

I continue to get calls today regarding this page that seems to have gone up in the last 24 hours. There are pictures of certain  girls, probably taken from their own Facebook pages. Some girls on the page currently have more than 300 comments, that either defend or further the bullying that potrays them in a very negative ligth. In other cases, the girls themselves have commented, some sarcastically so in going along with the bullying.

Please pay attention to your daughters facebook pages today, this kind of bullying can lead to so much more. These girls are completely vulnerable, not only are their identities being exposed, but in the cases where they have commented or a friend has tagged them in their response to the bullying, they have given all who read this page a direct link to the girls personal pages. Let's be honest, not all Facebook account holders know how to properly secure their information or choose not to concern themselves with the privacy setting's provided by Facebook.

So far I have seen the page group the girls together as college students (in general) and more specific when it comes to high schools, categorizing the girls in groups attending specific high schools.

Again, no I will NOT tell you the page's name, I just want you to protect your daughters. I know of more than one group of adults currently working to get the page shut down.

When I searched Facebook on how to report this type of abuse I found that there are a few ways to help, but nothing was, in my opinion, a solid solution to solve the issue. And to add insult to injury, again in my opinion, they speak in depth about how they monitor and remove thing's such as pornography, threats, hate speech, bullying, spam and graphic violence. I think someone at the control center has fallen asleep and missed this horrific case of cyber bullying and its affecting our youth in Noco.