One of my favorite show on TV is Undercover Boss. This is the show where a big shot from the home office comes and does the every day job of the workers to see what is like in the work place. I wish every corporate executive was mandated to do this. I feel more and more that the people in the ivory tower have no idea what the average Joe goes through for them. I cannot be the only one who notices that work forces are getting reduced while work loads are getting increased. It is very easy to sit in a office and look at numbers and then make changes based on the math. In the actual work force you would see the ramifications of those moves and see if they really do get you to where you want to be.

Anytime you can get your hands dirty and see what it’s like working in the environment you create and using the tools you provide, I feel, will make you better at what you do and make a more human company. I think all any worker wants is to be respected for the job they do and hope those above them have an appreciation for what they do. I have yet to see an episode where the “boss” wasn’t incredibly moved by their employees abilities yet appalled at some the conditions they have to try to succeed in.

I hope to see undercover bosses popping up all over. I think it would create a much happier and understood work force. I do hope I am excluded from this though. I don’t think I want to hear our owners on the air.