You jump in the shower and start the cleaning routine. You probably start with the hair then the chest and arms and then hit the arm pits and work your way down. We all have our tried and true body cleaning methods but are we missing some important parts?

When was the last time you gave your belly button a good cleaning? I think it is one of those areas that can get neglected in the shower but after you read this you will be getting a test tube cleaner and scouring that bad boy.

Some researchers at North Carolina State University did a study of 60 belly buttons. They swabbed the navels and found 2,400 bacteria species and almost 1,500 of them were new to the scientific world. That is creepy. They found bacteria in one navel that is only found in Japan and the person had never been to Japan. How does that happen? They also found bacteria that is only found in ice caps. What kind of ecosystem is thriving in your belly hole right now?

I clean mine frequently because I use mine as a measuring cup for baking. I know my navel holds 1/4 cup of butter. The last time I gave mine a thorough once over I found lint, a green Skittle, a set of keys, a remote, a Chilean miner and a Geo Metro with a family of 3 in it. What is living yours?